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Top 2 Delicious and Easy Traditional Kokani Desserts | 2021

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Hey Foodiesss?

Welcome to foodysoul where you can find food as your taste… So I’m here again with my another Blog that is Top 2 Delicious and Easy Traditional Kokani Desserts | 2021 I hope you guys liked it?

1) Patholi:-

Top 2 Delicious and Easy Traditional Kokani Desserts | 2021


  • Dosa Rice 1 cup
  • Grated coconut 1/2 cup
  • Flattened rice 1/4 cup
  • Salt 1/4 tea spoon
  • Jaggery 3/4 cup
  • Cardamom powder 1 tea spoon
  • Turmeric leaves 20 to 25
  • Ghee To apply on turmeric leaves

How to Make:-

  1. Wash turmeric leaves very well and wipe out the additional water from the leaves.
  2. Wash and soak Dosa Rice and flattened rice in a different bowl for at least 1 hour, and keep them a aside.
  3. Now we start prepare for the batter by grinding dosa rice, ½ cup of grated coconut, soaked flattened rice and salt to a fine thick paste. Add little or no water while grinding the batter.
  4. For up to tabs prepare for the filling and we are required to add grated coconut in a bowl along with jaggery and cardamom powder.
  5. Mix them very well with the help of hands.The jaggery will start leaving its moisture content and gets absorb well with grated coconut.
  6. Now Take a full spoon of ghee and spread a thin layer on top of the turmeric leaves.
  7. Repeat the same procedure for all the leaves.
  8. Place a spoon filled with filling above the spread batter vertically. Fold the leave and press gently against one another for few seconds to get each other stick.
  9. With the help of steamer steam these leaves for at least 20 minutes.
  10. Once they steamed the colour of the leaves turns into yellow which confirms that they are cooked properly.
  11. Serve hot Patholi with fresh ghee.

2) Zarda (Sweet Saffron Rice):-

Top 2 Delicious and Easy Traditional Kokani Desserts | 2021
Zarda (Sweet Saffron Rice)

Zarda (Sweet Saffron Rice) is saffron infused rice, sweetened with sugar and enriched with a lot of ghee.

 is a popular south Indian dessert prepared using either rice or semolina.

Kokani dessert Zarda is a flexible dish which will be eaten at virtually anytime – for breakfast, lunch, brunch, snacks or maybe as a dessert.

The dessert Zarda is also called as kesaribhat

“Kesari” refers to yellow in kannada/konkani and “bath” refers to any dish made with rice in konkani/kannada.


  • Rice (basmati rice)                 1/2 cup
  • Sugar                                         1/2 cup
  • Ghee                                          4-5 tablespoons
  • Raisins                                       1-2 tablespoons
  • Cashews                                   1-2 tablespoons 
  • Cloves                                        2-3
  • Kesar Or yellow food colour 1 pinch
  • Cardamom powder                  1/2 teaspoon

How to Make:-

  1. Cook the Rice on the same way you make it on the stove in the same way that you cook rice.
  2. You will need 2-3 cups of water for every 1 cup of rice.Once the rice is cooked and has cooled slightly then spread the rice out employing a fork or your fingers carefully, to separate the rice grains.
  3. Keep it aside until needed. Soak saffron strands in slightly warm milk/water for 10-15 minutes.
  4. In a small saucepan on medium heat, add 1-2 tablespoons of ghee.When hot, add the cloves, cashews & raisins.
  5. Stir & let them cook for few minutes until the raisins have plumped nicely and the cashews have started to brown.
  6. Remove the saucepan from heat & set aside until needed.
  7. In a small saucepan on medium low heat, add the sugar with only enough water to form a syrup.
  8. Be careful not to add excess water.
  9. The amount of sugar added can equal or be little but the quantity of rice grains used.
  10. Stir until the sugar dissolves, this may take could also be around 5-6 minutes approximately .
  11. Don’t forget to reserve some nuts & raisins for garnish.

I hope guys you like my these mouth watering recipes that is Top 2 Delicious and Easy Traditional Kokani Desserts | 2021 which includes


2]Zarda (Sweet Saffron Rice)

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