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Easy way to make Motichoor ke Laddu | 2022

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Hey Everyone 🙋‍♀️

I’m back 😁 I hope you all are doing well… I’m Welcoming you in foodysoul 🤍 here you can find food as your taste… So for a amazing people I’m going to share a amazing recipe Easy way to make Motichoor ke Laddu | 2022 I hope you guys liked it☺

Easy way to make Motichoor ke Laddu | 2022



  • GRAM FLOUR – 100 gm
  • WATER – 150 ml

Sugar syrup:- 

  • WATER – 1/2 CUP
  • SUGAR – 1 3/4 CUP

Final cooking & shaping:- 

  • Hot water – 1 Table Spoons
  • GHEE – 1 Table Spoons
  • MELON SEEDS – 2 Tea spoon


  1. To make the batter, place a sieve over a bowl & sieve in the gram flour, further add water in batches while whisking it continuously to make a lump free, thin & smooth batter.
  2. Once the batter is ready, pour it into a pining bag & tie a knot to the open end of it.
  3. Now to fry the moti / small pearls, heat oil to 170C or until moderately hot.
  4. Once the oil is moderately hot, cut the tip of the piping bag to make a very fine hole then hold the piping bag over the kadhai & squeeze it gently, this will produce a stream of small droplets that will fall directly into the hot oil.
  5. Fry the pearls medium flame until light golden brown, make sure you don’t fry them too much.
  6. Once fried, transfer the motis into a sieve using a ladle & gently give a jerk to the sieve to remove any excess oil.
  7. Further transfer the fried motis from the sieve into a tissue paper lined bowl & fry all the motis similarly & let them cool down completely.
  8. your motis / pearls for motichoor laddu are ready.
  9. To make the sugar syrup firstly add the food colour & water into a bowl & stir it well to dissolve the colour.
  10. Take a pan & add the sugar into it along with the prepared coloured water & switch on the flame to high.
  11. stir well & cook until the sugar dissolves.
  12. Once the sugar dissolves completely switch off the flame & add all the fried motis into the pan & mix it well with sugar syrup.
  13. When all the motis get combined with the sugar syrup switch on the gas flame & cook the mixture over low flame until all the sugar syrup is absorbed by the motis.
  14. add in a tablespoon of hot water if you feel like the mixture is getting dry.
  15. Once all the sugar syrup is absorbed
  16. switch off the flame, cover the pan & let the mixture rest for 10 minutes.
  17. After the mixture has rested,
  18. transfer it into a large bowl & add ghee along with the melon seeds & mix gently.
  19. let the mixture cooldown till it reaches room temperature.
  20. To shape the laddus,
  21. take a spoonful of the mixture & form it into a roundel using your hands,
  22. shape all the remaining mixture similarly.
  23. Our motichoor laddus are ready.
  24. garnish them with varak & chopped pistachio.

So guys I hope guys you like my this mouth watering recipe that is Easy way to make Motichoor ke Laddu | 2022

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