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Best and Easy way to make Home Made Gulab Jamun | 2022

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Hey Foodiesss?

Welcome in foodysoul here you can find food as your taste… So I’m going to share again Best and Easy way to make Home Made Gulab Jamun | 2022 I hope you guys liked it?

Gulab Jamun is a very popular Indian sweet. There are some versions of creating it with khoya, powdered milk , bread or sweet potatoes.

Indeed it’s a favourite Indian sweet for several peoples . In parties, weddings and even in an Indian dinner meal, gulab jamun happens to be one among the sweets served after the meals.

Gulaab Jamun:-

Best and Easy way to make Home Made Gulab Jamun | 2022

Ingredients to Make Sugar Syrup :-

  • sugar                          4 cups
  • water                         3 cups
  • rose water              1 table spoon
  • green cardamom 3-4

Method to Make:-

  1. Take a one pot , add sugar and water, keep stirring until it dissolves completely, bring it to a boil & further add rose water & green cardamom, open the shell of the green cardamom to infuse its flavour, mix it well & later switch off the gas flame.
  2. We don’t require any sort of one string or two string consistency, it should just be a simple sugar syrup.
  3. Keep it aside, let it cool down on room temperature the temperature. Make sure to keep them warm

Ingredient to Make Gulab Jamun:-

  • Mawa                             250 gm
  • Malai paneer             1/4th cup
  • Refined flour              4 table spoon
  • Baking powder          1 tea spoon
  • Oil for frying

Method to Make:-

  1. For making perfect soft gulab jamun we require fresh soft mawa.
  2. Use a big size thal and add the mawa, if the mawa is little tough, use a grater and great to break down or else you could directly start to cream the mawa, using the base of your palm.
  3. Cream the mawa until it becomes smooth and creamy in texture, there should be no grains in the mawa, you need to do this process until the entire batch of the mawa is smooth.
  4. This process surely may be time consuming but its very important as doing this step will make your gulab jamun perfect.
  5. After creaming the mawa, take the malai paneer and grate using a small size hole khisni , you have to cream the paneer as well in the same way as done for mawa, cream it well until becomes smooth in texture.
  6. Once they both are smooth in texture, mix well and add Refined flour in batches, make sure not to add them all at once, the quantity of maida will differ depending on the moisture level in the paneer and mawa so just add in batches, you need to add & mix well until it forms like a dough and it starts to leave the parath or thal.
  7. This recipe, with this quantity won’t require more than 4 or 5 or 6 tbsp of flour.
  8. Once it has mixed nicely and formed a dough like texture, add baking powder and incorporate well in the dough.
  9. Rest the dough for 10-15 minutes & cover with a cloth, by the time you can make the chaashni.
  10. After making the chaashni, divide the dough in small and equal size balls, make sure to shape them in small shape as they will get bigger in size when they will soak up the chaashni.
  11. I have a weighing machine so it makes the process easy to keep every ball equal in size, if you have it then please use it or else you can also divide in equal portion roughly, dividing in equal size is necessary because when you’ll fry them, the bigger ones may be little uncooked whereas the smaller ones may burn quickly.
  12. Shape them in perfect roundels one by one and make sure there should not be any cracks on the gulab jamun, also cover the shaped balls with moist cloth to avoid them from drying, while you’re shaping few more.
  13. By the time your shaping set oil for frying.
  14. Set a pan filled with oil for frying the gulab jamuns, make sure the oil is not very hot drop one gulab jamun ball in oil to check, if it gets darken too quickly, then cool down the oil little bit. If the ball starts to float in few seconds and the bubbles start to appear then you’re good to go.
  15. Sture the hot oil with the spatula to make like a whirlpool, make sure to do it carefully and not spilling the hot oil over your hands, stir and add the gulab jamun balls fry in batches and do not overcrowd the kadhai.
  16. Fry them on low flame maintaining the temperature and keep stirring so that they get even colour and cook evenly from the inside as well.
  17. Once they are nice golden brown, immediately drop them in warm sugar, the temperature of the sugar should not exceed above 50 or the gulab jamun will become too soft and may lose its shape.
  18. Now, let the gulab jamun rest in the sugar syrup for minimum 4 hours so that they can absorb the syrup nicely.
  19. Your perfect gulab jamun is ready to be served.

So I hope guys you like my this mouth watering recipe that is Best and Easy way to make Home Made Gulab Jamun | 2022 

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