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2 Simple and Delicious Ramdan Recipes |April 2021

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Hey everyone?

Ramadan is a month of fasts. This year Ramadan is coming in summer with long days and shorter nights. After fasting the our  body needs more amount of energy to work properly. In summer, it’s not a simple task to face in Kitchen for preparing so many dishes while fasting. So, on your request I’m going to share my new blog that is 2 Simple and Delicious Ramdan Recipes which includes
1]Biscuit pudding
2] Sabudana Vada

1)Biscuit Pudding

2 Simple and Delicious Ramdan Recipes

Biscuit pudding is a classical and traditional pudding made with biscuit with a topping with chocolate. it is a perfect dessert and recipe which can be made in Ramadan as Iftari snack it is also shared and served to any occasions and celebrations to all age groups.


Milk                                    1/2 liter
Sugar                                 2 table spoons
Milk powder                        1 tablespoon
Custard powder                 3 tea spoons
Sugar free Biscuits           8 to 10
Cardamom (elaichi)           1 to 2
Chocolate for garnishing


1) take one big pan and add 1/2 liter of milk and boil it.

2) when milk boiled well then cool it on room temperature for approximately 20 minutes

3) when milk become worm or cool then add 1 table spoon of milk powder and mix them well

4)after this add 2 table spoons of sugar, 1 to 2 Cardamom (elaichi) and 8 to 10 sugar free Biscuits stur it well for 2 to 3 minutes

5)after 3 minutes add 3 tea spoons of Custard powder in Biscuits mixture and put the pan on gas Cook it on medium flame until it becames thick

6)when it becames thick then switch of the gas and keep the pan a side for 20 to 30 minutes until it becames completely cool

7)when it cools put that mixture in Blender and Blend it for 4 to 5 minutes

8)when it becames smooth puree then put it in surveying dish and place it in refrigerator for 30 minutes.

9)after 30 minutes garnish it with chocolate and serve Biscuit Pudding to your Family

2)Sabudana Vada

2 Simple and Delicious Ramdan Recipes

Sabudana vada is a popular crisp fried snack made with Sabudana (sago), roasted peanuts, boiled potatoes and herbs. It is a popular Maharashtrian snack that is eaten not only as a tea time snack but also in Ramadan as a Iftari snack.


Sabudana (Sago)     1 Cup
ChilliRed Powder     1/2 tea spoon
Green Chilli             1
Roasted Peanuts     1 table spoon
Boiled Potatoes       2
Lemon juice             2 tea spoons
Cumin Powder         1/2 tea spoon
Cumin seeds             1/2 tea spoon
Salt to test
Oil for fry


1)firstly, take a large bowl and put 1 cup of  sabudana(sago) and soak it for over night.

2)take one medium size bowl and put soaked  sabudana(sago), 2 Boiled potatoes, 1 Green Chilli, 1/2 tea spoon of Red Chilli Powder, 2 tea spoons of Lemon juice,1/2 tea spoon of Cumin Powder and seeds and Salt to test and mix them well and make dough.

3)after this add Roasted Peanuts in sabudana mixture and  make medium size patties

4) And deep fry them

5)after frying process serve Sabudana vada to your Family with any typeof chutney here i have served with coconut Chutney.

I have already posted a recipes of chutneys so you can visit my that blog by CLICKING HERE

So I hope you guys like my blog that is 2 simple and delicious ramdan recipes which includes 1]Biscuit pudding and 2] Sabudana Vada
Guys if you like my these recipes then share your experience with me through the  comments and enjoy my these recipes with your family,friends and relatives, also share my blog with them.
Thank you ?

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