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2 most delicious Ramdan recipes you should try|2021

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Hey everyone?
Ramadan Mubarak to all?
Ramadan is a month of fasts. This year Ramadan is coming in summer with long days and shorter nights. After fasting the our  body needs more amount of energy to work properly. In summer, it’s not a simple task to face in Kitchen for preparing multiple dishes while fasting. So, I’m here with my new blog that is 2 most delicious ramdan recipes you should try|2021 which includes
1)Dry fruit Milk Shake
2)Corn Cheese Balls

You can pick any dish from these Ramadan Recipes to form in Iftar feasts.
So we start with our 1st dish

1]Dry Fruit Milk Shake

2 most delicious Ramdan recipes you should try|2021

Nothing is more nutritious than milk and dry fruits. So, break your fast(Roza) with a Glass of Dry Fruit Milk Shake. You can easily make this dry fruits milk Shake while cooking some other dishes.


Unseeded Dates 7 to 8
Dry Figs 2 to 3
Walnuts ¼ cup
Almonds Hot Water ¼ cup
Chilled Milk 2- ½ cup
Honey 1 table spoon

How to make it:-

1)take a small bowls and Soak all dry fruits in it with hot water for 30 minutes. Put each in a separate bowl.

2)After 30 minutes, take all dry fruits out from water and peel off the skin of almonds.

3)Now transfer the dry fruits into a mixi jar  and add 1 table spoon of honey in it.

4)Add a half cup of chilled milk in mixi jar  and Blend it.

5)After blendi, you will get a thick paste.

6)Now add the rest of the milk and blend again.

7)After Blending process, you will get a thick paste, put that thick pest in glass and garnish it with some dry fruits And place it in a refrigerator for 15 minutes.

8)after 15 minutes you can drink dry fruits milk Shake.

2]Corn Cheese Balls

2 most delicious Ramdan recipes you should try|2021

This easy Ramadan recipe of Corn Cheese Balls will be a perfect choice for your Iftar Snacks.


Potato boiled         1 (Big in size)
Boiled corns           2 table spoons.
Capsicum                2 table spoons.
Coriander leaves   2 tea spoons
Mozzarella cheese   ½ cup
Chili Flakes              ½ table spoons
Basil                         ½ Tea spoon
Black pepper             ½ table spoons
Salt to test
Corn Flour                    2 table spoons.
Maida (All purpose flour) 2 table spoons.
Bread Crumbs            2 table spoons

How to make it:-

1) Take 1 medium size bowl and put all ingredients in it except Maida  (All purpose flour) and combine them together.

2)Apply oil on hands and Take a small amount  of the mixture and give it the shape of the ball.

3)Do the same for all the mixture.

4)Now take a small bowl and put a Maida (All purpose flour) and water to make a thin paste of it.

5)Dip all the balls in the thin paste of Maida  (All purpose flour) and spread the bread crumbs.

6)Put it in refrigerator for 30 minutes.

7)after 30 minutes. Put them in a hot oil and fry until it became brown.

8)Take out in a dish and serve to your Family with type of chutney or sauce.

I have already posted a recipes of chutneys so you can visit my that blog by clicking here

So I hope you guys like my blog that is 2 most delicious Ramdan recipes you should try |2021 which includes 1)Dry Fruit Milk Shake and 2nd one is Corn Cheese Balls
Guys if you like my these recipes then comment Me down Part 2 then I will upload 2nd part of Delicious Ramdan Recipes
For as long as enjoy my these recipes with your family,friends and relatives, also share my blog with them
Thank you ?

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  • Maroof
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